Newton Projects

The result of 20 years obsession with this engaging platform.

For macOS

Newton Connection

Newton Connection This macOS application replaces Apple’s Newton Connection Utilities (NCU). Back up, install packages and transfer data to and from your Newton device.

Newton Toolkit

Newton Toolkit This one’s for the thrill-seekers — try out NewtonScript code and build packages you can download to your Newton.

Newton Framework

Newton Framework The Newton.framework underpinning these macOS apps is over on Github. As is the source for the apps.

For Newton

Mail V

Mail Mail V is a Newton e-mail transport that turns your Newton device into a full e-mail client. Send and receive text, sketches, contacts, appointments and more.


SuDoku This version of the popular numeric puzzle runs on the Newton platform. The source code is available so if you want to get into NewtonScript coding this is a great place to start.