SimpleMail Support

SimpleMail is no longer being developed; the current state of the art in Newton e-mail is Mail V. You can still submit a question, but if you want a change to SimpleMail you’ll have to make it yourself.

Any Problems?

Then mail me. I’d like to know:

  • The Newton model you’re using, eg MP130
  • Its ROM version, eg 2.0 (526205)-1
  • NIE version, eg NIE 1.1
  • SimpleMail version, eg 3.0.1
  • A detailed description of the problem.
    “SimpleMail didn’t send my message” is not enough, I’m afraid.
    What was the last message SimpleMail reported in its progress slip?
  • The actions that led up to the error so I can reproduce it.

If it’s appropriate and you can send me a SimpleMail debug log or BugTrap log of the event, you’ve got a much better chance of getting a useful reply.

The debug version of SimpleMail generates a transcript of your e-mail session so you can see whether the server is sending/receiving what you expect. (A little POP/SMTP protocol knowledge helps here.) It adds an extra page to SimpleMail Prefs called Debug. In there you can choose what you want to capture in your log:

  • The usual suspects
    Useful information at various checkpoints during the session.
  • Account information
    Details used to log in to your mail server.
  • All I/O
    A transcript of communication with the server.
and where you want the log to appear:
  • ViewFrame
    If ViewFrame is installed.
  • NTK Inspector
    The preferred option if you need to send the log via a desktop machine.
  • Notepad
    A new note containing a transcript of your e-mail session is created in Unfiled Notes.

If you can't see what's wrong (password, etc) you can send the log to me for analysis.