Mail V Download

Download all Mail V packages in one folder, then decide what you want to install.
Alternatively, download just the package you want.

If you are upgrading to Mail V from SimpleMail, you should read these instructions first


The archive contains everything described here: all Mail V packages and documentation.

If you download the archive you won’t need to download the individual packages listed below - just install what you need.

Minimum Installation

At the very least you need to install the Mail V transport and stationery to view text messages in the In Box.

The MailVDebug.pkg is a version of Mail V containing debug logging options. You may find the logs it generates useful if encountering difficulties sending or receiving mail.


PaperStationery.pkg for Newton OS 2.1
TextStationery.pkg for Newton OS 2.0


If you think you might need to refer to the Mail V help book, install Help.pkg

If you want to be able to view image attachments, install ImageStationery.pkg
If you want to be able to hear audio attachments, install AudioStationery.pkg

If you want a monospaced font good for viewing mail messages, install Monaco.pkg
If you want to be able to add a photo to Names entries, install PhotoCard.pkg
If you want to be able to send JPEG images from the Tibet application, install TibetFormat.pkg

Additional Application

The Mail V Assistant provides optional mail support.

It is strongly recommended you run this at least once - just opening it will remove obsolete preferences and update any SimpleMail account setups for Mail V. Once your new settings have been verified you can delete this package.

POP Mail Access

The Mail V package accesses e-mail using the IMAP4 protocol. If your e-mail service provider speaks only the POP3 protocol, you need to install POPMail.pkg which adds the POP3 mail protocol to Mail V.

Once installed, you may use both IMAP and POP mail accounts. To identify a POP mail account in your owner card’s E-Mail Access setup slip, you need to enter the word “POP!” as the mail path, as shown below.

POP Setup


Note: POP Mail will only work with Mail V version 5.2 or later.

Text Encoding

Characters outside the range of US ASCII (accented characters, or exotic punctuation for example) need to be encoded to be sent across the internet. Mail V has support for Western (Latin 1) text encoding built in. If you need to send or receive text encoded for non-US or Western European languages, (S-JIS for Japanese, for example) you should install a Mail V Text Encoding bundle from the list here.

After installing a text encoding package, a new encoding method becomes available in the Mail V Prefs Text popup; for example, Japanese (ISO 2022-JP). Mail is sent with the selected encoding. The package may add additional encoding methods for received messages.

The keyboards and fonts you may also require for your language are not provided as part of Mail V.