Mail V Upgrade

If you have been using the SimpleMail e-mail transport (the precursor to Mail V) you need to read this section.

Dependencies between packages have been reduced in Mail V, making installation simpler. All SimpleMail related packages have changed and many have become obsolete. Follow the instructions below to ensure the mail related packages on your Newton device are consistent.


If you have messages received using SimpleMail already in your In Box, after you install Mail V:

  • You will no longer be able to view their attachments.
  • You will get duplicate entries when first rreceiving mail.

If you decide later to re-install SimpleMail you will need to delete Mail V’s settings before re-creating them for SimpleMail. You can use the Assistant.pkg to perform this deletion.

Delete Obsolete Packages

These packages are not used by Mail V and should be deleted from Extras:

  • Audio Decoder
  • Image Decoder
  • Text Decoder
  • Face Decoder
  • vCard Decoder
  • GIF Format
  • SketchMailPrefs
  • ReadMe SimpleMail
  • SimpleMail
  • SimpleMail Help
  • Diagnostic

The following packages have been updated for Mail V and you should delete them from Extras prior to installing the new versions:

  • Text Stationery
  • Paper Stationery
  • Audio Stationery
  • Image Stationery
  • Tibet Format

Unless you require them for Newt's Cape, Newton Text Encoding (NTE) modules should also be deleted. Mail V uses a faster text encoding system.