SimpleMail 4.3

SimpleMail is a Newton e-mail transport that lets you send and receive messages over the internet using POP/SMTP.


  • It uses the Newton Internet Enabler (NIE 1.1 or NIE 2.0), so it will only work with Newton 2.0 or better.
  • It works with MP120 (just about), MP130, MP2000, MP2100 and eMate.
  • It takes up only 163K store space.
  • It’s free!


SimpleMail gives you the standard functions you’d expect from a text e-mailer, plus:

  • MIME compliance, enabling you to send and receive attachments
    • Send packages to and from other Newtons and your desktop
    • Send Notepad sketches to other Newtons, or as GIF images to anybody
    • Receive and play back audio in four different formats
    • Receive and view JPEG and GIF images
  • Filters
    • Limit the number of messages to receive
    • Ignore, abbreviate, delete or file incoming mail depending on criteria you set
  • Language support
    • Available with support for Newton Text Encoding (NTE) plug-in modules, enabling reception of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Cyrillic, etc
    • Localized for German and Swedish
  • Text utilities
    • Rewrap received text to fit the Newton display
    • Display HTML as styled text
  • Multiple accounts per owner
    • Check all your e-mail accounts in one connection
  • Worksite setups for roaming
    • Define an SMTP server for a worksite, so you can tie an ISP (an NIE link) to its SMTP server

SimpleMail includes very limited support for IMAP. If you want a full IMAP solution, try Mail V.


These packages are provided as StuffIt archive and Newton package for your downloading convenience.

SimpleMail 4.3 [163K]

This archive contains everything you need for the standard version of SimpleMail. Alternatively, you can find the individual components contained in the archive on this page. There are several packages in the archive; you can simply install them all, or read the installation guide to be more selective. Please refer to the User Guide for operating instructions or visit the wiki to get started quickly.

Debug Version [172K]

This is the SimpleMail package only, with a Preferences option to capture debug information in a session log. You can use this to diagnose problems yourself, or send it to me for analysis.

Newton Text Encoding (NTE) Version [158K]

This is the SimpleMail package only, in a version that supports Newton Text Encoding (NTE) modules. An NTE module encodes unicode text for transport across the internet; you can extend SimpleMail to e-mail Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic, etc by downloading and selecting the right NTE module. There’s more information and some modules here.
Special thanks go to Eureka for his encouragement and assistance in getting this to work.

Localized Versions


This is the SimpleMail package only, localized for German users. It replaces the SimpleMail package in the SimpleMail StuffIt archive. Thanks to Stefan Messmer for the translation.


This is the SimpleMail package only, localized for Swedish users. It replaces the SimpleMail package in the SimpleMail StuffIt archive. Thanks to Petter Flink for the translation.



Support Packages

Monaco Font [16K]

A 9- and 12-point mono-spaced font which shows text messages to their best advantage in the In/Out Box. Just load it then choose it as SimpleMail Prefs’ Mail Font. This font is included in the SimpleMail StuffIt archive.

GestureLaunch Script [1K]

If you’re a GestureLaunch user, try this script, courtesy of Peter Rand. A quick ‘S’ over the In/Out Box icon sends all waiting SimpleMail and checks for new mail.

Tapbar Button [3K]

Alternatively, if you’re a Tapbar user, try this button which achieves the same thing. Thanks go to syu for creating this button.

Diagnostics [10K]

Having problems connecting with SimpleMail? Not sure whether you’ve set up SimpleMail’s e-mail addresses properly? Run this app to check them out. Instructions are here.

Modem Settings [6K]

If you’re using NIE 1.1 and connect from more than one worksite, with a different modem at each, you’ll know you need to remember manually to adjust your Modem Prefs each time you change worksite.
This package lets you add Modem Settings to each of your worksite cards, then automatically applies those settings each time you change worksite. Instructions are here.


Okay, this one’s a bit specialist; but if like me you want to access your e-mail account with your Nokia 7110 or Nokia 2110 & DTP-2 data card, you’ll need this modem setup. Just load it then choose it in Modem Prefs.