SimpleMail Text Encoding

Newton text is stored as Unicode (16 bits), and this has to be encoded for transmission across the internet (into 8 bits). There are many encoding schemes, and you may want to use those relevant to your locale. The NTE modular approach lets you add just the encoding schemes you require.


This is the standard Western European character encoding scheme. ISO-8859-1 encoding is built in to the standard version of SimpleMail, but not into the NTE version.


ISO-8859-2 encodes Central European characters, providing support for the following European languages:
Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, English, Finnish, Hungarian, Irish, German, Polish, Romanian, Serbian (Latin transcription), Slovak, Slovenian.


This package was developed by Joseph Chen who has loads of (mostly Chinese) language information for Newton. It supports most Russian encoding schemes:
ISO-8859-5, KOI-R, Mac Cyrillic, Win 1251
Thanks to Evgueni Natalenko for his determination in testing SimpleMail to get it to work with the Cyrillic package.

These modules only provide translation from Newton character codes (Unicode) to other codes. You'll need the appropriate Newton font and soft keyboard to be able to view and generate messages in the first place.


Developed by Dmitry Girenko, this package provides Cyrillic (Russian) fonts.

There is an SDK on GNUE’s website which enables you to develop your own encoding modules.